ZTrade is official partner the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC). It is the next-generation trade connectivity platform that utilizes blockchain technology and document digitization to save time, minimizes human error, making Malaysia a leader in technology innovation within the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).

What Is Certificate Of Origin?

A certificate of origin (CO) is a written record that identifies the country where a specific commodity or product was produced. This document includes details about the item, where it is being shipped, and the country that is exporting it. This makes the entire port clearance processes faster and cheaper for you.


Item Fees Details
Registration Fee 
RMB 400 

Platform Fee (one-time payment) 
RMB 1000 Includes; *Maintenance and updates  *Free training X 1 time  *customer service support 
Document Fee - Certificate of Origin (CO) Per submission 
RMB 200 One document/submission
Document Fee- Certificate of Origin (CO) Value Plan 
RMB 750 Value plan for 5 documents/submission


Unlock the power of cross-border trade with blockchain




of cross-border companies believe blockchain will significantly impact their business in the next 3 years. (Deloitte)


supply-chain leaders stated they intend to invest in blockchain technologies


of the cost of cross-border transactions can be reduced using blockchain (IBM)

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Empowering Cross-Border Trade
Financing with Blockchain.

Bringing speed, efficiency and security to you business

We are excited to introduce ZTradeFi by Zetrix – an innovative blockchain powered trade financing solution that
elevates cross-border trading to new heights. Our cutting-edge platform simplifies complex cross-border
trading processes and creates new opportunities for local businesses to seamlessly and securely
connect with Chinese counterparties, enabling cross-border financial and trade connectivity.

Exploring the Exciting Possibilities of Decentralized Future

Exploring the Exciting Possibilities of Decentralized Future

How Does
ZTradeFi Works?

Blockchain technology is transforming trade finance by digitizing and streamlining the process, resulting in enhanced security, efficiency, and transparency. This offers benefits to businesses, including transparent governance, faster processing, reduced capital requirements and lower risks of fraud, human error, and counterpart risk.

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